University of Kansas: Jack Figgs-Hoard, Jenny O'Grady, Sarah Pickert, Alex Guinn, Connor Bost

Cereal is the breakfast of choice for millions of people for the simple reasons that it is a fast easy way to get the energy they need throughout their morning. This suggests the obvious product of the on-the-go single serving cereal, but the current market is quite flawed. Design problem: No good options for adults, everything requires milk, and circular packages are not efficient in freight or on the shelf Current solutions all require you to bring milk and a spoon with you or find a place to buy them, totally negating the fast and easy benefits. Secondly, for all the adults looking for an easy breakfast, choices typically fall on a sugar coated scale between a toucan and a leprechaun. It’s not exactly a product you want to walk around in the office with. Furthermore the current circular bowl shape is terrible for several reasons. It is not conducive to being held in the hand, it is not an efficient use of space on shelves or in freight, and they are hard to keep organized in a cabinet at home. Design solution: Just add water for hot or cold cereal, clean, elegant, efficient packaging Nola solves problems of convenience and image, while also creating a package that ships, displays, and stores at home more effectively. Inside our easy one-hand grip bowl, our space age cereal is a blend of wholesome granola, nuts, dehydrated fruits, powdered milk, and whey protein. All you need to do is add water to the fill line, shake, and enjoy your high energy breakfast in style. Our container and tight sealing lid can be either reused or recycled as well, so no land-fill guilt. The packaging may be beautiful, but it also takes into account the fact that typical, to-go cereal bowls do not effectively use freight volume in shipping, and do not store well in our rectangular cabinets at home. Nola’s shape solves all of these problems while being much easier to grip and carry with you.