Portfolio Center: Megan Pando, Sam Schlesinger, Kendra Little, Adi Coe,Madison DeFilippis

Eco is Energizer’s highest performing and most environmentally friendly alkaline batteries, and they’re the world’s first to be made with recycled batteries. With our Repack, we made this already green product even greener and more efficient. Traditional battery packaging leads to a loss of charge even before usage begins. This occurs for a couple different reasons that we have addressed with our Repack. First off, batteries lose some of their charge when they lie horizontally or upside down. With this new design, however, batteries are kept upright from packaging all the way until usage. Batteries also lose some of their charge when their terminals (ends) touch one another. This often happens when packaging is torn open and batteries are left to roll around in drawers where they have been stored. We addressed this issue by providing individual compartments for each battery. This way, batteries are conveniently locked in place until they are needed. This compartment system keeps your batteries upright, prevents terminals from touching one another, and allows for organization, all without compromising easy storage. The small size of the package and the flat bottom allow for convenient drawer, cabinet, and countertop storage. We’ve also eliminated the annoying package opening process. By utilizing a sleeve to seal the packaging, you can access your batteries with ease. No scissors are needed, and you won’t get a blister trying to tear through thick plastic. As for our materials, we used cardboard and transparency paper. Everything is 100% recyclable. We also revamped the look of the batteries themselves, giving them a cleaner look to match the new feel of the product as a whole. We altered the name of the product from Energizer EcoAdvanced to Energizer Eco to further clean up and simplify the brand image. We’ve also implemented a simple and optional system that promotes the proper disposal/ recycling of batteries to further reduce waste. After your battery has died, simply put it back in the package, upside down, so you see the red ring on the bottom of the battery. This way, you know which of your batteries have been used. Once all batteries have been drained, simply take the package to a battery recycling center near you. Finally, to promote the new look, we have designed a new display stand (which is made entirely from cardboard and is also recyclable). In stores, this display stand will highlight everything great Energizer Eco has to offer in order to encourage consumers to choose the most eco- friendly battery on the market. From the responsible usage of recyclable materials to preserving the battery’s charge to promoting proper disposal, we are using this Repack as an opportunity to reduce waste every step of the way.