Portfolio Center: Kindall Palmer, Danner Washburn, Mya Passmore, James Harill, Averil Brannon

Batteries have come a long way. Since their introduction in 1907, double and triple A batteries have made advancements in technology. They’ve gone from zinc-carbon metal to lithium to nickel cadium. They have become recyclable and rechargeable and even can be made from other recycled batteries. Yet, despite all the changes in battery technology, the packaging has largely remained the same. And so have its problems: Trouble opening the battery pack and confusion about where to put those unused batteries. In a junk drawer? Energizer® EcoAdvance® changes all that. With its innovative design, EcoAdvance’s package holds all its batteries upright in a secure fashion. Turn them upside down or sideways. There’s no falling out, and there’s no longer any doubt about where to store those unused batteries. Store them right inside the case. Travel with the batteries without losing them. Take them anywhere -- camping, in the car, or your bag. But what do you do with those used batteries? Remove them. Flip them upside down to expose the green side, and place them back in their individual spot. Then, recycle them later. Gone is the uncertainty about which batteries are dead and which are viable. Pink side up means viable. Green side up means recycle. For on-the-go and bulk buys, Energizer offers 6- and 12-pack options. No matter the size, each battery has a designated location inside the package. So, there’s no rattling around and a convenient way to keep track of the batteries -- both viable and inactive. When you’re done, secure the package closed with its snap fit magnetic closure. Made from recycled materials, the package is just as sustainable as the batteries it holds. Today’s consumer wants sustainability and durability wrapped up in one. Now, Energizer’s EcoAdvance batteries have world class packaging for its world class batteries.