The Creative Circus: Talor Molinari, Katherine Daniels, Lizz Lanivs

Your power goes out, and your flashlight isn't working. Your electric toothbrush grinds to a halt, and you've got the big presentation for your boss in an hour. You're watching television when Donald Trump's face appears on the screen, and suddenly your remote goes dead. You rummage through your junk drawer, pushing aside thumbtacks and playing cards, hoping to find two fresh batteries somewhere in the chaos. Finally you get lucky...sort of. Two batteries, different brands and different ages. One is covered in something sticky. The other is peeling at the label. You don't know it yet, but both are dead. Because they've been in that drawer since 1992. Batteries are seldom found in their original packaging. The existing box design proves difficult to open and does not keep batteries contained. To open the existing pack, consumers tear off the cardboard back resulting in batteries flying everywhere. Once the package is open, there is no securing it so batteries don’t roll out. So save yourself the energy. Wouldn’t it be great to know your batteries haven’t escaped their packaging? There needed to be a better design to keep batteries organized and easy to access. The solution is the Duracell Battery Box, where consumers take charge of their batteries. The Duracell design team took a lesson from Newton’s First Law - The Law of Inertia. To make the Duracell Battery Box user-friendly and easy to use, it is designed with energy in mind. The batteries in the box are full of kinetic energy as they rest on a declined plane inside the box. As soon as the consumer opens the perforated tab at the box’s bottom, batteries roll into the opening one at a time. Easily grab batteries and close the perforated opening to secure the box after use. Getting a battery out of its box has never been so easy. Duracell’s Battery Box is committed to educating its consumers about battery recycling. After use, most batteries are thrown in the trash. We cannot make Duracell battery users recycle, but by providing consumers with battery recycling information and location-based recycling centers, we hope to help reduce battery waste. The Duracell Battery Box is also 100% recyclable. Buy batteries. Use batteries. Recycle batteries.