Georgia State University: Katie Welch, Andres Burton

For the Coca-Cola® Challenge, repackaging the Minute Maid® kids juice box, our team designed a box that answers the main problems presented by the original packaging: the straw detaches and gets lost, and the puncture style packaging can be hard for kids to open by themselves.

#1: Our innovative Fruit-Cats box comes with a pouch on the back that carries the straw, carrying it securely. It requires less packing and produces less waste.

#2: The Fruit-Cats box was designed with kids and parents in mind. By having a lower base, it is less prone to toppling over and spilling. The empty box also makes a fun, impromptu toy, complete with foldable paws and detachable straw tail!

#3: Kids will have a much easier time using the straw on the new Fruit-Cats box, thanks to our easy peel leaf that opens the drink. Gone are the days of sturggling to puncture the film and making a mess!

Overall, kids will have have a lot of fun with the whole Fruit-Cats line: Pawsome Apple, Purrfect Punch, and Catastic Lemonade. We feel that the product has legs and can be developed in multiple directions, increasing the line even beyond cats and into other pets such as dogs, rabbits, birds, etc. Ultimately, Fruit-Cats is about having a pet of your own to play with and quench your thirst – all thanks to Minute Maid®!