Clemson University: Josh Dempsy, Savannah Saylors, Jonny Witte

Consumer convenience has become one of the leading motivating factors behind package innovation. Many common day Band-Aid packages and similar adhesive bandages prior to “The Handy Bandy”, have failed to address this issue. “The Handy Bandy” package features an easy to use Band-Aid dispenser, making consumer access and application much simpler, even one-handed. Once one Band-Aid is removed, the next becomes readily available for the next occasion. This dispensing mechanism along with the easy “no tear” application make it nearly impossible to rip the Band-Aid and cause contamination to the gauze.

There are three sizes of Band-Aids, each with an individual dispenser, which makes it easy for consumer’s to know when a certain size has run out. Consistent with the clean-cut overall design, the “throwback” graphics resemble the original tin Band-Aid package making the package stand out on the shelf. This design theme and use of recycled and recyclable material creates an emotional connection with the consumer. The minimal material addition is an extremely practical and profitable trade off for the added consumer convenience factor.