Georgia State University: AnnaKate Auten, Mirely Cabral, Becki McLean, Andrea Book

The staple of any baking endeavor and an ingredient in nearly every meal, flour is a necessity in the kitchen. Yet, the packaging is a mess. The bag tears down the side or a third cup of flour gets stuck in the folds at the top, so when you open it, it pours onto the counter-top. So ditch the bag! A cardboard canister offers the same eco-friendly recycled paper packaging, but with an added sturdiness. No more flopping over and spilling pounds of flour. The canister has a snap-on lid, so the package seals properly, keeping the flour fresh longer. The removable inner seal lets you know that the flour has not been tampered with and we even added a scoop for easy dispensing. Pouring flour leads to billows of dust all over the kitchen, so scoop it for less mess!

Scoop Flour stands out in a line of other flours, catching the consumer’s eye, but the overall shape is still reminiscent of bags of flour, so the consumer still feels the connection to the bag style packaging. The fun illustrations entertain kids and adults alike. The warm colors differentiate between the types of flour, but also recreate the nostalgia of baking with Grandma. The label clearly states what type of flour to eliminate confusion in the grocery store. Remove the label to find baking tips and reveal a beautiful pattern of illustrations. The canister can be re-purposed as a gift tin for those wonderful chocolate chip cookies you just made.