: Preston Grubbs, Stewart, Caitlin Dupree, Jessica Gonzalez, Jess Ruiz, Erica Hines, Zach Rossman

Our product is the S'monsters S'more Kit by Nabisco. We felt an instant connection with s'mores out of all the other categories because it evoked excitement and a flood of childhood memories. We saw this project as an opportunity to problem solve by repackaging these ingredients—the graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows—into a singular kit, thereby reducing the amount of materials needed and waste created. Because the brief was centered around camping, we wanted to make the packaging as condensed as possible and also disposable. We decided to include four servings of two s'mores per box because it is an ideal quantity for a small family or group of friends to enjoy without having excessive leftovers to deal with. It is produced with beeswax-coated paper and soy ink, and the dieline fits on a singular cut of material. At a compact 2.5" wide, 2.5" deep and 6.25" tall, it maximizes shelf space and cuts back on shipping costs. The package design was carefully thought out because we wanted to make it as functional as possible. It has three separate compartments for the ingredients, which are stacked in square form to optimize shelf space and visual presentation. We wanted to take the hassle out of the process (i.e. breaking crackers unevenly or getting chocolate all over our hands while breaking down the bar) so we used ingredients that were not only manageable, but also proportionate to one another. We placed the opening on the back spine: a perforated tab at the top of the box that can be pulled to open down the back for easy access to the compartments. We based our design on those aforementioned feelings of nostalgia and happy memories of sitting by the campfire, telling scary stories with family and friends. The idea of ghost stories lead us to our monster theme. We felt they would be a playful figure to carry out our product line because we could make them colorful and create personas for each one. We narrowed it down to three characters that were representative of three flavors—original, strawberry and mint— and colored each one accordingly. We felt the quirky name and bright colors would appeal to kids, as well. The box has been decorated with original illustrations that are playful and communicate the contents of the package. The vibrant designs and overall form of our product also provide a strong shelf presence. We wanted to further connect the ideas of camping and storytelling to our product and characters by including a Mad Lib within each box that would engage the consumer. The last fun feature is the ability to use the package as a puppet once its contents have been consumed, simply by using the back opening to operate the top and bottom of the monster's mouth. On the back's exterior, we have included nutritional information as well as a short bio about its respective character. In the end, we successfully integrated the neccessary criteria for this project into our solution. The S'monster S'more Kit is a smart and functional design that is also fun and whimsical for its targeted demographic—kids will be drawn to the playful design and game aspect and parents will be happy to keep their children occupied. We also designed our product visually with parents in mind by keeping clean lines and simple illustrations, which give it a little bit of order and sophistication. The S'monster S'more kit is constructed using eco-friendly material that is easily disposable and cost effective, too.