: Olivia DuVal, Bailey Andrews, Abby Hunt, Beth Heasley, Ryan Wood, Yoonhwa Jang

It’s safe to say that charcoal isn’t the most exciting item on the grocery list. It’s heavy, bulky, and leaves hands covered in black ash. It’s not often one would use the entire bag while camping or tailgating, so it’s either thrown away or packed up causing a mess in the car. Smart Ash sees these deficiencies as an opportunity to simplify and conserve the way charcoal is used today. Smart Ash’s manufacturing and distributing facilities operate in a closed‐loop system. By owning their own tree farms and growing their own bamboo, they are able to completely control the materials that create both the packaging and the charcoal itself. Each box is composed of recycled materials from the returned customer packaging in addition to completely renewable bamboo which creates a strong and sustainable cardboard pulp. The boxes are then printed with soy‐based ink. The box is designed in such a way that makes it very easy to collect the ashes from the grill. This ensures that campers leave no trace behind, as ashes can be very harmful to the flora and fauna of the forest. Once back at the factory, the ashes are collected for use at their onsite bamboo forest, as well as distributed nationwide to their hardwood forests for fertilization and soil acid neutralization. Smart Ash comes in three varieties: Mesquite, Alder, and Oak. Because our customers enjoy the finer things in life, we suggest pairings for their refined palate. Use Mesquite for barbeque, Oak for red meats, and Alder for fish. If you can’t decide, there is always the option for a variety pack containing all three. Because the charcoal is made from 100% natural hardwood, there are no added chemicals to mask the flavor or pollute the environment.