: Melissa Withorn, Sanyukta Kothari, Joanna Milewski, Ville Natalino, Kate Carmack, Kevin Henley, Danielle Depiper

Great packaging solves problems. With this in mind, we set out to redesign one of the most ubiquitous products on the market: toilet paper. Although it holds little sentimental value, toilet paper is a product we all interact with on a daily basis and it’s often outside the comfort of our home. get in, get out & leave no trace Toilet paper is used for hygiene, nose care, spills, removing makeup. Moms, travelers and campers alike carry it in their bags, “just in case.” As Americans, we use about 100 rolls per person per year (21,000 sheets), twice as much as Europeans and 6 times more than Asians. Since we can’t eliminate ALL of the 17 billion toilet paper tubes that are produced annually, as well as the current plastic wrappings, we created a brand that encourages environmental responsibility. Clever Camper redesigned toilet paper packaging helps people think about not only the waste of their packaging, but how to responsibly use their products. The product is like it’s fox mascot, clever and elusive, leaving no signs behind. As a product that we are all very familiar with, toilet paper leaves a lot to be desired in its portability which crucial for camping, hiking, day trips or overnight getaways. Toilet paper in its current form does not travel well because it is unnecessarily bulky and does not come in a package that can protect it from any elements that might be encountered outside of your bathroom stall. Once opened, the rolls are free to unravel, tear and get dirty. Also, the toilet paper roll leads to overconsumption. Through approaching toilet paper in a way that altogether rethinks the usage of the product, we created individual packs of toilet paper with pre portioned individual sheets that pull out one at a time, that can be carried with you as you camp, but also are adaptable to take with you on the go, because you never know when you’re going to need it. Through creating a personal toilet tissue pack we were able to encourage careful consumption of the toilet paper. Because only one tissue is released at a time, it is less likely that the paper will be bunched up and over used. It also can’t be re-closed after opening, leaving the once sanitary paper open to the elements in your pack, purse and the great out doors. Our redesign, not only requires conscious usage of the product itself, but keeps the paper clean in its easy to use, quick draw open and close package. When camping, squatting in the woods is one of the unnecessary evils that we have to deal with. Our hands are often busy, with a flashlight, a soda or keeping track of the little ones we’re in charge of. Our easy access design allows a one handed approach that is quick and easy to use. The package is designed perfectly with a clip on the back that can be attached to an inner pocket in a purse or a belt loop if you’re on a potty break allowing you to keep your hands free. The package is also desired to keep in mind the rough and tumble lifestyle. It’s durability and flexibility is aided in its collapsable package, which can be squished to fit in cramped spaces like the bottom of your pack, back of your jeans or in your way too full purse, but still functions when needed most. Because we are keeping the environment in mind, we designed this package to leave no trace. It is 100% biodegradable and contains tissues that also leave little impact on the environment. The minimal packaging and printing (soy ink) keep the entire product to one material making it cheaper, easier and more environmentally friendly to produce. The printed belly band can easily be removed and discarded from the main packaging. It is easily decomposed. The actual package has only one stamp of soy ink, but is otherwise fully comprised of quickly biodegradable paper pulp and can be disposed of in the woods and will disintegrate within 21 days when left in the elements. Become a Clever Camper and rethink how you use toilet paper.