: Mallory Westmoreland, Sarah Gebeyehu, Georgette Blay, Natalie Nelson, Jennifer Savage, Jennifer Eddy, Mary Catherine Matheny

Creating some of the greatest moments between family and friends, a camping trip is not complete without the gooey experience of the s’more. The combination of graham crackers, roasted marshmellows and chocolate has become one of Americans’ top favorite and traditional camping treats. Nature Valley, a leading brand in snack foods, promotes their commitment to quality products and the preservation of nature through their new line, Toasty Times S’mores. With consideration to functionality and environmental sustainability, Toasty Treats is packaged to have minimal impact on the environment. All materials are recyclable, including the renewable soy wax sealant that maintains the freshness of the product. The compact form, made from corrugated cardboard, serves as a buffer that limits the impact on graham crackers and makes it easy to transport. The texture adds to the ergonomics of the package providing easy grip, especially when pulling out many items from a camping pack. Next, in efforts to minimize production waste, the s’mores are portioned together to convenience a group of friends or family. Additionally, the packaging lends itself to easy use for sharing around the campfire. The minimal approach to the Toasty Times S’mores package makes it ideal for mass production, while the visual identity evokes a sense of nostalgia for its consumers, strengthening its shelf presence. Finally, in promoting it’s brand value of nature preservation, Toasty Time S’mores has made the packaging readily collapsible to encourage consumers to “pack it in, pack it out.” Burning anything other than wood causes harmful toxins to the environment, so to encourage campers to maintain the integrity of the outdoors, Toasty Times S’mores has included content on the back that says, “Stuff your face, but leave no trace.”