: Erin Dooney, Sarah Thornhill, Matt Michelson, Kristen Murphy

When someone asks you about your favorite moment, what do you say? The smell of cinnamon can bring memories back from being a child in your grandmother's kitchen. A song you hear can make you remember your first school dance. We all might not remember the first moment we used a match, but we can definitely recall the feeling. Igniting a spark for the first time is magical. The moment you swipe the match across the strike pad and see the sparkling flame gives such a feeling of excitement. Matches can be used for any occasion where a spark is needed. From the warmth of a campfire to a romantic dinner for two, a bit of fire is always needed for the fun to begin. Imagine these moments beginning faster and easier than ever with a type of matchbook that puts all the handy-work to rest. With this brand new way to light a match, anyone can do it. You might have thought you could never light a match on the first try or were scared of getting your fingers scorched. Now, you can try a new method with starting a fire. It’s super easy. Just pinch the matchbook with your fingers and pull one out! It’s effortlessly satisfying. When going on a camping trip, one should always carry a pack of matches. Without the spark of a match, the experience is never the same. After pitching the tent, and getting everything settled for a night out in the wild, one always looks forward to the social gathering around the campfire. Greenlight matches from Diamond are the first American matches sourced from responsibly managed Aspen forests of Minnesota. FSC Certification guarantees that Diamond Greenlight Matches comply with strict socioeconomic and environmental standards of selective cutting regulations and land management. Diamond Greenlight Matches contain ten matchbooks in one pack and there are ten matches within each book totaling two hundred matches per pack. The matches and container are both made from recyclable paper. Each pack is perforated allowing you to share with friends or simply place in your pocket Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or just someone looking to start a flame, these new matches from Diamond give a much-needed facelift to the normal matches you would find at your local supermarket. They stand out with bold classic colors and icons that everyone can associate with the fun of the outdoors. Each icon emphasizes different moments captured at outdoor gatherings such as bonfires and camping trips with friends and family. Share a match and a moment.