: Alicia Keefe

Target: Kids aged 3-10 years and their parents When reviewing the choices, I was instantly drawn to S’mores. They were definitely my favorite part of camping and bring back a lot of fun memories! With my packaging, I wanted to take a fun approach to a very serious problem; childhood obesity and the lack of portion control. To help with this I created S’mores Kits that each include 2 s’mores. With these kits parents would not have to montitor how many treats their kids ate, because it’s already determined for them. The packaging would ideally be printed on recycled paper. It would also have a reuse in that the individual packs double as a place to put the camping stickers. It’s a well known fact that stickers are a great method of incentiving positive behavior and awareness of nature and why its important to preserve it. Bundling the s’mores is environmentally friendly because it uses the least amount of materials possible. Instead of separate packaging for each product, they’re all in one!