: Nicole Bogochow

I chose to re-package toilet paper because it is an item that is a necessity to us, yet the way it is currently produced and packaged impacts the environment severely. Most multipacks of toilet paper are packaged in plastic, which is slow to break down once it is thrown out. Even biodegradable plastic is slow to break down when it is not properly recycled. That is why I chose to package my toilet paper with paper. I also so to pack it flatly instead of in a role to make the packaging more efficient by using less material. But I thought that that just wasn't enough. One of the biggest problems with toilet paper is that so many trees are needed for its production, so I decided to use hemp for both the packaging and the toilet paper itself. One acre of hemp can produce as much fiber as 4 acres of trees, and it can be grown in many locations. Also important to consider, hemp matures in four month whereas trees take about 20-30 years. This makes hemp a much more economical choice. Another reason I chose to repackage the toilet paper was the interesting spin of the camping theme. There are some toilet papers that are marketed to RV camping that are meant to break down easily in their septic tanks, but I thought, "What about good old fashioned tent camping?" Tenters have different needs so, my toilet paper comes with a small, biodegradable, dispenser. The toilet paper comes in a multipack of 9 refills with one already in the dispenser when you open it up. The dispenser is made of pulp so that if someone were to discard it on the ground, it would degrade quickly. This toilet paper will be sold in the camping isle and should be competitively priced (if not lower) with regular at home toilet paper, making it a clear choice. Aside from convenience, another reason that I think a tent camper would want to buy this toilet paper is the environmentally conscious aspect of the product. They may be quite concerned about the impact they will have on the ecosystem that they will be camping in. I chose to leave the outer paper unbleached because it is more environmentally friendly. Also, I believe it lends itself to a more natural look. I intended it to look sophisticated, but not overly delicate. Camping is usually associated with things that are rugged and durable, but even the most rugged outdoorsmen doesn't want a scratchy toilet paper.