: Nicholas O’Brien, William Chaplin

Lighting the grill is hard enough when your stomach is growling and its 100 degrees outside while your friends and family are constantly asking you about when the burgers are going to be done. Traditional charcoal bags are dirty, heavy, and hard to open and can be a handful when your trying to pour out just the right amount of coals in your grill without dumping out the entire bag. Our mission is to eliminate these problems so you can have more time with your friends and family while leaving a smaller carbon footprint. Kingsford Blossom Model is designed to be placed directly in your grill with a convenient lighting fuse that heats up your Lump Charcoals at a lower burning temperature meaning that emissions output is lowered while still having that campfire smell we all love. The bag itself is burned along with your coals meaning there is no garbage after words and that you no longer have to deal with dirty hands, heavy lifting and pouring out the right amount for your BBQ. Just place, light and walk away. Becoming ecologically responsible starts with the materials in the package, Kingsford uses recycled materials all cut from one sheet of recycled paper. The Lump Charcoals are 100% free from oil, limestone, starch, sawdust, or petroleum products and is certified by the Rainforest Alliance’s SmartWood program as sustainably harvested. Since our Kingsford Lump Charcoals are petroleum free, not only are we reducing our carbon footprint but also we are using healthier coals to cook our food. The lump charcoals also have deeper grooves, which means lighter bags. As a result, Kingsford can pack more charcoal on its trucks, which cuts down on the number of trucks on the road, and translates to 800,000 fewer miles traveled per year. The inside of the Blossom Model is outlined with a insulated wrapping that heats your coals up to the temperature needed for cooking to begin, once this temperature is reached the bag opens up like a blossom and the charcoals spread out evenly in your grill. Because heat rises, your coals heat up faster and hotter than traditional coals using less of an ignition source. This completely reduces the need to use lighter fluid to get your grill started. Kingsford Blossom Model comes in three different sizes because each grill requires a different amount of coals; just place the appropriate sized bag at the bottom of your grill and light. Our design has a natural but contemporary aesthetic. When everything adds up we are leaving a smaller carbon footprint and less waste in our landfills.