: Nathan Daviss, Lisette Fall-Conroy

Why recycle something you could easily use as tinder? Many campers are swayed by the fire-ready convenience of an empty matchbox. And why not? Burning up used matchboxes means you're using 100% of what you buy. However, trees still need to be cut down for the wood in thick camping matches and, while important, recycling can only make more efficient use of these trees. Bury Me seeded matchbooks, on the other hand, resurrects these trees. Made of 100% recycled paperboard, Bury Me seeded matchbooks are both flexible and rugged. The most unique and extraordinary feature of the Bury Me matchbooks however, is the method of which campers dispose of them. They are not to be recycled. Embedded in a small, sealed pouch within each matchbook, are several tree seeds. These matches become trees again! The paper of the matchbook itself is enriched with nutrients specific to the species of tree inside. When a camper uses up a matchbook, he/she buries it in a sunny spot and leaves it to grow. Once buried, moisture and beneficial insects quickly biodegrade the packaging. The seed is now nestled in a nurturing, nutrient-rich environment and begins its growth into tree-dom. "Planting" these matchbooks leaves campgrounds looking clean, as well as providing a fun and engaging new experience for the camper, encouraging him/her to continue to buy Bury Me matchbooks. Just one successfully grown tree is enough to make up for over 4,000 matches manufactured. Putting this power of revival in the hands of consumers at large is Bury Me's main goal. However, Bury Me commits to revitalizing the environment elsewhere in its design as well. The matches themselves are sourced from Minnesota’s responsibly managed Aspen forests. They are also slightly shorter than typical wooden matches to reduce construction materials, but not so short as to worry your fingers. The striking pads as well as the inks used are all environmentally friendly, and each package uses only a dab of flour based adhesive. These things are going into the ground after all. We’ve made sure they’ll do nothing but good! Bury Me matchbooks are so easy on the earth, but how easy are they on the eyes? Combining the convenience and size of matchbooks, with the durability of wooden matches makes them quite the lookers. The matchbooks’ unique silhouette, bi-fold construction, and raw design aesthetic distinguishes them from their boxy brethren. Plus, their surprisingly verdant interior and green tipped matches, already standing alert like a petite row of trees, are harbingers of the actual trees latent within the matchbooks. Bury Me seeded matchbooks literally re-grow the trees consumed to make them. While the ritual of “planting” the books my appeal strictly to nature-friendly campers going through tons of matchbooks frequently, everyone can appreciate replenishing nature as we take from it. Through clever and unique design, Bury Me matchbooks cultivate strong appeal, beyond increased functionality, and encourage users to spread environmental responsibility. Why simply recycle or burn up your used up matchbooks, when they can be catalysts for generations of trees and a healthy ecosystem as a whole?