: Michael Decker

Camping is always an adventure with multiple pieces and requires a little planning a head of time. Keeping this user issue in mind, we thought to address the most complicated task, cooking some up grub. Charcoal often needs a grill, lighter fluid, paper, and matches just to get it roaring and rolling. That’s a lot to remember to pack, let alone trying to get the fire started. Kingsford is a classic brand charcoal with a household name, instead of changing their classic packaging we decided to make the whole experience easier for the consumer. Inside the Kingsford King Pit box you will get a 15”h x 12”w x 12”l recyclable aluminum grill that is made from recycled aluminum, 6.5”d x 12”h x 10”w recyclable aluminum charcoal chimney, 20 pre-moistened vegetable oil bio-degradable towels used to ignite the charcoal, 10lbs Kingsford Classic Charcoal, and long stem Green works matches. With this whole kit you have every piece you need to build a successful Kingsford ready fire in 15 minutes. Everything included is also safe to recycle after and uses minimal impact on the environment. The box and pieces included also are reusable until they are worn out. Now every time you want to have a Kingsford fire, you just need to buy one of the 4.8lb bags at around five dollars and you are ready to go. The reason we chose to print on a single sleeve of rice paper is simply that we care about recycling and our environment. Printing on cardboard makes the recycling process even longer. So we chose to print with vegetable based dyes on rice paper, completely eco-friendly and limited effect on the planet. By choosing Kingsford King Pit box you not only make your life easier and you help your environment too.