: Gabriella Thompson, Stacy Bloodworth

Problem: Going camping should be safe, fun, and a relatively clean trip! For young campers there can be many obstacles especially when nature calls and all they have for defense are their naked, unprotected rolls of tissue-thin sheets. A regular roll of toilet paper can be dropped, become dirty, get soggy when it rains, be smashed during transport or be forgotten completely. Solution: A solution for all of those problems is to use Potty Log: woodland animals that protect our young camper! The Potty Log is a log-shaped, recycled cardboard case that protects the toilet paper roll from the elements. A coating of plant-based resin makes the case waterproof, protecting it from puddles, mud, and rain. Features: The animal dispenses the paper through its mouth, to help make sure no paper gets wasted. Pull up on its top teeth to tear the paper, and then tuck the end into the bottom teeth to make sure you find the end next time you use it. It is also portable. Hanging from a hemp strap, the critter can be taken along, during a hike, or during a quick trip to the bushes. The log is also reusable, with a lid that opens for a new roll to slide in. Children can choose from three wood animals: Birch Bear, Redwood Racoon, or Fir Tree Fox. As the name hints, each animal has a corresponding tree. While the rest of the packaging is made of recycled cardboard, the lid is, in fact, made of seed paper, with small tree seeds embedded within the fibers. Giving Back: A young camper can take their Birch Bear and instead of littering, give back to nature, by planting a birch tree. For years to come, the camper’s tree will give back to the environment and whenever that camper visits they can watch her contribution grow. The rest of the package can be recycled, left on the ground to decompose, or be put to other creative uses. The Potty Log. The wood animal that tags along.