: Ji Won Rim, Da Hee Kong

To enjoy a camping trip, packing is crucial. Carrying the right amount of necessities is the key to an efficient expedition. However, we found out that pre-existing charcoal packagings are not designed for these type of condition. Even the smallest bag of charcoal, is bulky and weighs at least eight pounds, making it difficult to transport. Also, only 1.5 pounds of charcoal briquettes are needed to make a good cooking fire for a meal. For a small family, it is highly unlikely that they are going to use up the whole bag at once. So, It is difficult to plan accordingly and the excess has to be restore. Unlike the the conventional charcoal packagings, Charbroil Charcoal Kit allow consumers to handle dusty briquets without getting their hands dirty. Charbroil propose a small line of single use charcoal kits. This compact and portable, Charbroil kit promises you a fun and easy fire making experience. A kit includes twenty-five charcoal briquettes and two fire starter, providing enough cooking fuel for a meal. After tearing the packaging open, you can gently pour the charcoal out into the grill and the fire starter (attached to the lid) will help start lighting the charcoal. There are Charbroil kits with Hickory or mesquite wood chips available, to add different smoked flavors and enrich barbecue experience. Charbroil is designed to assist the consumers in variety environment. The chamfer around the rims allow easy storage. The tube shape is ideal for slipping it in backpack or carrying in one hand. The packaging material is made out of pressed sugar-cane Bagasse, which is a 100% biodegradable and compostable material. Then the tube is then coated with corn based PLA film for water resistant and to reduce the risk of fire. The consumer can simply place our packaging in soil after use and return it to nature.