: Paige Caruso, Margaret Linen

S’mores is an old favorite for many people; so it seems surprising that no one has ever branded a product. There are, of course, the Girl Scout cookie homage to the delicious campfire treat, however no s’mores brand or item, until now. We decided to create S’mores to Go, concentrating on one primary function: convenience. From the grocery store to the campfire, S’mores to Go is a simple process with immediate satisfaction. Before we designed our packaging, we chose materials that would encourage use of the product. Logically, the packaging would be able to be disposed of in the fire at the campsite. Therefore we chose to use 100% recycled cardboard, which is completely safe to burn, for both the exterior box as well as the dividers inside, which not only reduces our carbon footprint, but the consumer’s as well. We included small sticks, made out of wood, which can be put together to create a roasting stick for the marshmallows; again focusing on the idea of convenience for the customer. The accessible packaging allows for easy storage, transport, and use of the delicious treats inside. The S’mores to Go packaging design features a simple logo with the colors of a real s’more. The thick strips of color are something different among much of the clutter that fills most grocery store aisles today. We hoped by using a larger logo with smaller descriptive copy that the consumer would pick the product up in order to find out more. We aligned S’mores to Go with Hershey’s, a well-known brand. Most people already associate Hershey’s with s’mores, and by using a popular brand our market audience can be expanded. Along with the obvious target of children, our s’mores can appeal to adults (specifically couples) since the chocolate, graham crackers and marshmallows come in twos. We hoped that by placing two of each item in S’mores to Go, we’d encourage the consumer to share with another person. This serves both as word of mouth promotion for the brand, as well as a fulfilling, personal experience for the consumer.