: Gabriela Cruz

S'mores are one of the camping must-haves for every kid, teenager, and adult. However, gathering all of the S’more-making snacks can be frustrating if you forget one of the essentials, either the marshmallows, Hershey’s® Chocolate, the graham crackers, or the sticks to roast the marshmallows. Also, when you go camping you want to feel as close to nature as possible, and what better way than to have an environmentally-friendly package that eliminates most of the packaging of all of the tools to make S’mores and combine them into one package? The S’more-tastic package brings together your four essentials to make S’mores so that you will not have to forget anymore! The packaging is made from a sustainable paperboard that will sustain the crackers in place to prevent breakage and all of the other snacks in their place. The packaging is shaped like a shoe-box, where the consumer can pop open the top and have all of their snacks. As a major consumer of S’mores, the sticks to roast the marshmallows are one of the most forgotten tools, so they are noticeably placed in front of the package for the consumer. The sticks also have a specially-made cap that brings them together to extend the length of the stick to roast the marshmallows over the fire and not have the possibility of getting hurt. The package may also be used to place the S’mores on they are eaten and while more are cooking. The package is recyclable since it is made from paperboard, but if cleaned, it can be brought home and reused for storage purposes.